Changing The Way You Connect

Take Your Health with You – Wherever You Go…


VeVaio is a smart and innovative system that brings the digitalrevolution of TeleHealth to the front lines with a cross brands platform that allows a variety of professionals and caregivers to get the most updated consistent and accurate real time information about the various medical indicators of their patients

For Caregivers And Professionals

Our advanced system enables a personal 1:1 relationship between the carergiver or expert and their clients, where they can track their everyday metrics and transfer this into data – driven decisions and treatments plans. VeVaio Personalized App include real time alerts and many other helpful features to better identify and track goals – and achieve them!


For Individuals and Personal Use

We all know that eating healthy and exercising are important, but… most people don’t know why they eat more than needed, or don’t exercise the way they wanted…modern life can do that for you, and that’s how VeVaio help your daily routine meet the experts’ recommedations in the most efficient and effective way possible that new tech can enable.


Monitor your performance and achieve your goals

Our system allow you to Set your own performance goals, and the progress stay motivated all the wayto the finish line!

Gain meaningful insights from your own data

Get friendly dashboard with your personal vitals metrics, and recognize the areas that need your attention in real time

Connect multiple Apps devices and brands

Connect with most popular fitness and health devices and apps to get a complete view all in one place of your status and vitals

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